Interdigital transducers for structural health monitoring (vor Ort)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 23.03.2022, 17:40-18:00
Room: 9-0267
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Abstract: Interdigital transducers (IDTs) are a well-known tool for excitation of surface acoustic waves. The use of IDTs is versatile, but they are most commonly employed as actuators for excitation of ultrasonic guided waves. However, they are still a relatively new technology, which leaves many possibilities for future research, especially in the scope of newly emerging structural health monitoring (SHM) systems. IDTs offer low weight, design flexibility and beam directivity, which make them ideal candidates for employment in such systems.Due to the IDTs’ and waves’ complexity, problems often cannot be described analytically, therefore they require numerical solutions and experimental validations. In this contribution, a novel, simple use of IDTs, in the scope of SHM is described. Firstly, numerical findings acquired with finite element method are presented. To validate those results, experiments in a plate-like waveguide are carried out. A good agreement between them is found. The results show the potential of the IDTs in yet another prospective application, which could be attractive for adoption in the future.


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