Multitrack mixing transforms and their implications on normal hearing and hearing impaired listeners (online)

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Abstract: Multitrack mixing is a ubiquitous practice where a mixing engineer’s vision is realized on raw multitrack recordings using digital and analogueprocessing. The aesthetic ramifications notwithstanding, the psycoacoustical implications of mixing remain rather moot. Processesemulating the practice, primarily for automation, are often studied on normal hearing (NH) participants with musical training. Studies onindividuals with cochlear implants (CI) suggest that these individuals may benefit from more bespoke mixes than those made available to thegeneral public. However, this remains to be seen among hearing impaired (HI) individuals sans CI. As an initial step to answer these questions,multitrack mixing effects such as level balancing, EQing, and stereo panning will be linearly transformed with the help of pre-definedreferences and factory effects derived from premixes made available by mixing engineers. The transforms are functions of parameters measuredas a percentage where 0 % corresponds to the references and 100 % to factory effects. The preferred parameter values are obtained through alistening test conducted on a sample of NH and HI participants using 10 tracks of varying musical complexity. It is hypothesized that theparameter values favored most by the NH and HI participants will be significantly different.


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