Spatio-temporal analysis of anisotropic reverberation (vor Ort)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 24.03.2022, 14:20-14:40
Room: 47-05
Typ: Vortrag (strukturierte Sitzung)
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Abstract: The analysis of the spatio-temporal features of reverberant sound fields is of great interest, as they contribute to a listeners spatial impression. In room acoustics it is well established that the perceived spaciousness is linked to lateral sound incidence during the early and late part of the impulse response which largely depends on the geometry of the room. In rooms with non-uniform absorption or complex geometries, that is in rooms with reverberation reservoirs or coupled spaces, the reverberation process might show distinct spatio-temporal features, resulting in an anisotropic sound field decay and consequently non-diffuse reverberation process. This directional de-mixing of the sound field makes a rendering of diffuse reverberation for such spaces potentially implausible.In the present study, we analyze the isotropy of the sound field during its decay. Directional energy decay curves are calculated based on the decomposition of the sound field into plane waves, allowing to investigate the angular distribution of energy during the reverberation process. A simulation study is presented uncovering anisotropic sound field decays with corresponding directional de-mixing and highlighting implications for the resulting temporal progression of the sound field diffuseness.


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