Aeroacoustic Performance of Air Diffusers and their Psychoacoustic Evaluation (vor Ort)

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Day / Time: 23.03.2022, 15:40-16:20
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People in industrialised countries spend most of their days indoors and are often exposed to the noise of ventilation systems. Since such systems are not only used in industry but also increasingly in residential buildings. For a valid statement on the annoyance and the acceptance of ventilation systems when assessing noise, the A-weighted sound serves as a criterion to a limited extent. Therefore, psychoacoustic analysis and evaluation need to be included. This research project aims to identify if geometric design features of air vents enhance psychoacoustic features and flow phenomena. Furthermore, it will be found out if there are correlations between psychoacoustic features and flow phenomena. The first steps to achieve the goals include acoustic measurements of several air vents in a hemi-anechoic room with the help of a developed mobile supply unit. Thereafter, the measured signals can be evaluated regarding parameters as sharpness, loudness and tonality.