Towards the Implementation of a Standard-compliant Audiometry System on a Mobile Device (online)

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Day / Time: 24.03.2022, 11:00-11:40
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Abstract: Pure-tone air conduction audiometry is often needed in research for a prescreening of subjects in the course of a listening experiment. Therefore it would be desirable to be able to do such an audiometry test according to the given standards on a mobile device.The implementation of an audiometry functionality on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet without additional playback interfaces and according to ISO 8253-1:2010 is complex, but possible. The dynamic range and especially the maximum output level, which is limited by the audio output hardware of the mobile device, as well as the necessary calibration and protection of the system against manipulation by the test person are challenges for the implementation of such a hearing test app.The iOS implementation presented in this paper can solve the mentioned challenges and fulfills the standard with a minor restriction in the maximum possible output level. We give insights into the structure of the user interface and the methods used for calibration of different headphone types. Furthermore, we show how the aforementioned challenges can be overcome. A validation based on dummy head measurements and feedback from users performing listening tests confirms the quality, reliability and usability of the app.