Evaluation of Microphone Array Methods for Aircraft Flyover Measurements: Quantification of Performance Through Virtual Test Cases (vor Ort)

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Day / Time: 24.03.2022, 14:40-15:00
Room: 9-01.
Typ: Vortrag (strukturierte Sitzung)
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Microphone arrays have become a vital tool for the analysis of complex acoustic sources. Many well documented evaluation methods are available for stationary source regions such as wind tunnels and stationary engine tests. This makes it possible to choose from a variety of algorithms, like DAMAS, CLEAN and SODIX. Methods for moving sources however are fewer and less researched. While some of the above-mentioned methods where successfully adapted to moving sources, compromises were made in terms quality or calculation times. .The project LION aims at improving the state of knowledge about the available and new methods by introducing a virtual test environment which includes simulations with varying degrees of complexity and realism, focusing on flyover measurements.The performance of microphone array techniques is assessed by applying them to a set of simulations representing different fly-over scenarios and a comparison of the results. The Virtual Test Cases are used to quantify the quality of the different algorithmic approaches in the context of flyovers.The goal of the presentation is to establish a method assessing new approaches and provide information about application areas, similar to what is available in the stationary case.