Analysis and Visualization of Dynamic Human Voice Directivity (vor Ort)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 23.03.2022, 17:40-18:00
Room: 7-01.
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Abstract: The human voice directivity is highly dynamic, with rapid changes between different phonemes. Even though the human voice directivity has been the subject of various studies, the perceptual role of these dynamic changes is still quite unexplored. We present a first analysis and visualization of human voice directivity with its time-variant characteristics when speaking. We captured the sound radiation of fluent speech with a surrounding spherical microphone array with 32 microphones. We spatially upsampled the dataset using the SUpDEq (Spatial Upsampling by Directional Equalization) method, which we already evaluated for directivities of individual vowels and fricatives. The results reveal fast fluctuations of the directivity while speaking. Furthermore, the strength of these fluctuations is rather small and varies by less than 3 dB for frequencies up to 4 kHz in the frontal hemisphere. Our research forms a basis for further perceptual studies investigating the relevance of dynamic voice directivities in virtual acoustic environments.


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