Scale-resolving Aeroacoustic Simulations of Rotating Machines using Lattice-Boltzmann Methods (vor Ort)

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Day / Time: 24.03.2022, 14:40-15:00
Room: 47-02
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Abstract: This paper presents computational aeroacoustics validation studies conducted on different classes of rotating machines, spanning a wide range of Reynolds numbers. Numerical simulations are conducted using a scale-resolving flow solver based on a Lattice-Boltzmann/Very-Large-Eddy Simulation model. Results are referenced against experimental benchmark cases, and the challenges specific to each simulation are discussed. The first class of problem involves the aeroacoustics of a turbofan engine operating in subsonic and transonic conditions, based on the NASA SDT configuration. Results are presented for three operating conditions and three variants of the stator vanes. The accurate simulation of the development of turbulent fluctuations in the fan wake, essential to accurately predict both tonal and broadband noise, is highlighted. The second class of problem focuses on the noise generated by a drone rotor, based on the TU-Delft benchmark. The specific challenge for this case is to capture the correct transitional flow behavior and the laminar separation/reattachment mechanism, leading to a high-frequency broadband hump in the noise spectrum. Finally, the third class of problem concerns an automotive cooling fan. The effects of small features and upstream turbulent structures on the radiated far-field noise are investigated, taking into account the geometrical complexities of a realistic cooling package.